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“Too many helping professionals doubt their own business know-how and leadership savvy. But you have the training. You have the skills. You have the chops. Most importantly, you have the heart. If you want to lead and not just follow in your career, you can do it. If you want to climb higher and reach farther, there’s an avenue that will take you there.”

- Michael L. Kaufman



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Helping professionals of all types are everyday heroes who routinely and selflessly improve the lives of others. But they often don’t believe or realize that they also form a valuable pool of future leaders—that their specific characteristics, distinct aptitudes, and servant leader’s mindset not only prepare them, but already uncommonly equip them, to rise to the highest tiers of their organization’s leadership structure.

You don’t have to be either someone who does good in the world for others or someone who makes a good living running a company or managing others. You can be both—you can remain committed to the greater good of society and still lead a for-profit or nonprofit organization or become a successful
entrepreneur. You can simultaneously activate your right-brain and left-brain faculties, apply your honed service-oriented side and your business-savvy side.


How does the author know this can be done? Because he did it himself! Sharing lessons learned over a 30-year career and featuring plentiful anecdotes to illustrate the pointed discussions and central themes, this book aims to inspire helpers to exercise the power they already possess and encourage them to travel a fruitful and fulfilling path to professional development and organizational leadership.

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Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Pub Date: November 2023

978-1-4758-6829-6  (Hardback)

978-1-4758-6830-2 (Paperback)

978-1-4758-6831-9 (eBook)
Pages: 204
Genres: Nonfiction: Business / Business Leadership / Professional Development / Career Advancement / Nonfiction Inspirational Self-Growth

Audience: Helping professionals at all stages of their careers


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