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“Leadership is both a sensibility and a skill. You’ve got to have the seed of that sensibility inside you, true, but like any skill, you can cultivate and eventually master it, though it’s never an exact science. It takes a lot of practice, a lot of trial and error, but if you set your sights on a leadership
role, you can attain it with sustained focus
and perseverance.”

- Michael L. Kaufman



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"Doing Good & Doing Well is a compelling, practical must-read for anyone in the helping professions who dreams of increasing their impact but wonders whether they have what it takes to lead others.
Dr. Kaufman makes the case for how the building-block skills of those who devote themselves to the care of others correlates with what is required for effective leaders in today’s organizations. He is a coach, teacher, role model, and cheerleader in this guide for professionals who often undervalue their talents. Dr. Kaufman has done very well in writing this book for all of us “do-gooders” in whose hands the future of humane organizations lies."

~ Maddie Hunter, Public School Teacher/Administrator, Executive Leadership Coach,
Small Business Owner, Cancer Patient Advocate."

"A fresh and much-needed guidebook on how to turn one’s passion for helping others into an opportunity to help many people instead of just a few. The world needs a lot more social entrepreneurs who are willing to take the bold step of combining their caring hearts with the power of the free market. These two things are often assumed to be mutually exclusive, but Mike’s career and the information in this book prove that they can be combined with great success. It is full of wisdom earned the hard way and fills an information gap for like-minded social entrepreneurs."

~ Mark Claypool, President & CEO, Galileo Education Inc.


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"This remarkable book offers a fresh perspective on leadership through a collection of captivating personal stories that provide valuable lessons and inspiration. A standout feature of this book is the author’s skillful incorporation of personal stories. Each narrative brings the principles of leadership to life, enabling readers to connect with the experience and the challenges faced by the author and the other individuals in the book. I wholeheartedly recommend to professionals, aspiring leaders, and anyone interested in the art and science of leadership. It is a valuable resource that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on its readers."

~ Amanda Semetko, SLP.D., CCC-SLP

"An inspiring exhortation to those in the helping professions so inclined to use their innate abilities and natural tendencies to provide exactly the kind of leadership service organizations of all kinds, for-profit and non-profit, need for today’s complex and challenging world. In so doing, Kaufman provides a concise and practical education in management and leadership specifically geared toward helpers based on real-life examples, compelling vignettes, and straight talk—management and leadership focused on people to maximize outcomes and results. Well done!"

~ Robert Puopolo, Partner, Epic Partners, LLC
and non-profit, need for today’s complex and challenging world."

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"In a world with enough leaders who manage with laser-sharp focus on the bottom line, kindness, empathy, and compassion are often left at the bottom of the corporate ladder. This guide lights a practical and noble path for the heart to find its way to the top, and stay there. A must-read for any helper who wonders whether they can do more. Inspiring!"

~ Pia Stanard, PhD, LP,
Psychologist & Owner, Midcoast Family Wellness Center

"In the book Doing Good & Doing Well, Michael Kaufman has created an empowering, brilliant, and genuine treasure, which is a must-have on your syllabus, at your internship or clinical experience site,
or at any business school. Whether you are a new volunteer or entry-level employee, an intern or a seasoned professional, this accurate, honest, and heartfelt book is a must-read.
A much-needed detailed reminder that “helpers” already have the skill-set to be successful leaders, that humanity belongs in industry, (in fact, drives it), that helper roles are valuable and valued,
and that one person with heart and vision can successfully make effective change by just taking one action step and is permitted to have prosperity. After reading this book, you will be inspired, and that step will feel effortless."

~ Donna Marie, Simon, MSW, LCSW, BCBA,
CEO, Step by Step

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"This book provides a roadmap for developing the skills to effectively lead a team and is a poignant guide to expanding your professional career path outside of the consultation room. The author, Michael Kaufman, walks the reader through powerful ways to utilize your therapeutic skill-set to optimize organizational performance. This is a must-read for any helping professional planning to grow their company through positive leadership."

~ Jennine Estes, MFT, Estes Therapy


"It doesn’t matter what stage of “leadership” you’re at in your career to benefit from this great book
that is extremely relatable and inspiring, with so many interesting real-life examples.
As a helping professional, I’ve never felt more seen. It’s like the author read my mind on the daily thoughts and struggles of my profession, which I now see in a new light. Ten chapters in,
and I’m ready to take on the world!"

~ Breann Carpenter, BSN, RN

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"In Michael Kaufman’s breakthrough book, he expertly recognizes the many talents and boundless potential of his readers, and then masterfully demands more. Kaufman draws on all that is good from us, using those attributes to lead us on a path to better ourselves, with our hearts, our heads, and our souls. The author is overly generous with his ideas, strong in his convictions, and has the career experience as a compassionate social worker to tie it all together in a way that no other self-help book seems to be able to accomplish. Kaufman’s writing style is breezy, but poignant. Every word is deliberate, thoughtful, and meaningful. He draws you into this easy page-turner, providing usable life lessons at every step. Kaufman concludes with a challenge: “It is time to be the leader you were born to be.” After a few hundred pages of his prose, you want to do better. For him, and for you."

~ Jonathan Jaffe, President & CEO,
Jaffe Communications, Inc.


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